Tuesday, August 26, 2014

One Person Can Make a Difference

What can I do, I'm only one person? You can change the world--by the way you interact with the people in your life. We have countless opportunities to make a difference every day, but many times we ignore these chances, shrug them off as inconsequential small stuff. But the small stuff matters. Because to someone, it may not be a small thing at all to:
Pay them a compliment. Say out loud the nice thing you notice about them instead of just thinking it to yourself. It's human nature to criticize, but try doing the opposite. Catch yourself thinking  how great somebody looks or how good they are at something, and then tell them.  
Offer to help somebody. They may decline, but it will mean a lot that you offered.
Just listen. Be the person who doesn't need to talk about yourself but instead encourages others to vent when something's troubling them.
Send them a card. Even if some time has passed. Send it anyway. Because knowing that you cared enough to think of them in a time of difficulty could mean the world to someone.
Show Empathy. Put yourself in their place. How would you feel in their situation? What would you want others to say or do? How would somebody's actions help you through a difficult time? After you answer the questions, follow through on the answers.

Words matter. Actions matter. What you say and do can affect other people more than you know. Pass out kindness and generosity whenever you can, and make a difference.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Before you agree to do something, make sure you plan to carry through with it, because an empty commitment is worse than no commitment at all. Your word won't mean much to other people if you don't keep it. You'll gain a reputation, the wrong kind. People will say things about you, such as, "Oh, her? Yeah, she volunteers, but you can't count on her.  

The best answer to "Can you help with this?" is, "Let me get back to you," or "let me check my calendar, and then think about it before you make a promise. When you agree to help, follow through, and don't come up with last minute excuses why you can't. Yes, there are times when stuff happens and you won't be able to keep your commitment, but these should be rare exceptions. 

By the way, the same applies to other life situations. Give it time before you decide, "I don't like this," or "This isn't working out." Anything important in your life will take work and time and effort, but it's our nature to quit whenever the task is difficult. This could include things like signing up for a sport, or a class, or learning to play an instrument, or taking a job. Hang tough even when it's hard, because if you do, the payoff will be great. It'll mean a lot to you to look back and realize: I didn't give up, and I made it!