Sunday, September 28, 2014


What would the world look like if we focused on others instead of ourselves? Simply this: It would be more peaceful, more fulfilling, more satisfying. We'd receive what we needed--love, attention, and confirmation of our worth--from others, and we wouldn't have to conform to the current mantra of modern society: "Me-ism." What's in it for me? What can I gain by investing time and energy into this endeavor or person or cause?

We ought to be shifting the focus off ourselves and onto others. If we did, life could change radically for us all.We'd notice when someone was down, and we'd encourage them to talk about their problem instead of monopolizing the conversation, turning it back to our own lives. We'd see a need in someone's life and we'd try to fill it instead of thinking about all the things we wanted for ourselves. We'd compliment people when we noticed them using their gifts for the betterment of society and not just for their own personal gain. We all have gifts--talents we were born with that were given to us by the Creator so we could make the world a place of kindness and acceptance.  

Human beings are born selfish, so it comes naturally to us to put our own agenda in front of everyone else's. to be self-focused instead of other-focused. It's said that money is the root of all evil, but I think selfishness is too. As long as we fail to have concern for others, to care about their welfare, then we will also fail to coexist in harmony and peace.

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